Coeur de Pirate Returns to the Stage Alongside Thaïs

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There’s an intimacy to a Coeur de Pirate concert that can’t be replicated. 

It’s in how she smiles when she sits in front of her piano and the way she makes the audience laugh in between songs. She jokes about the melancholy behind her lyrics and the outfit she’s wearing which she describes as “pirate chic”.

Her show is one of many put together by the POP Montreal International Music Festival, an annual not-for-profit festival that features emerging and celebrated artists from around the world.

The concert opens with Thaïs. 

She’s a Montreal singer-songwriter who mixes her airy voice with heavy percussion and electropop to create a signature indie sound. She performs songs from her debut album Paradis Artificiel before ending with the song Arrête de danser. Songs of lost relationships and loneliness, a fitting opening act for Coeur de Pirate, who is known for the mournful and haunting voice. 

Despite the content of her lyrics, she dances across the stage and sways in front of her keyboard. There’s a dreamy look on her face as her sparkling and luminous voice fills the room. 

Photo of Thaïs
Credit: Jean Philippe Sansfaçon

Returning to the Stage

This is the first time Beatrice Martin, known professionally as Coeur de Pirate has performed in almost two years. Since her last concert, the singer/songwriter has produced two albums and gave birth to her second child, Arlo. On March 25, she returned to Saint-Jean-Baptiste, a church located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

The artist transformed the church into a concert hall. A glittering curtain that shimmers when the light catches decorates the stage and when Martin enters the stage the room erupts with applause. 

She plays mostly music from new albums Impossible à aimer and Perséides while interweaving new renditions of her previously produced songs Pour un infidèle and Oublie-moi.

While Impossible à aimer is filled with her usual melodic voice, Perséides is made up of ten songs uniquely played on the piano. 

It creates a beautiful harmony throughout the show. She sits in front of her piano as the lights change from soft pinks to brilliants blues. Her beautiful voice seduces the audience. In the next breath, the musicians have left and she’s centre stage with soft lighting as she plays Kamouraska on the piano.

As the evening continues she switches from singing in front of her piano to in front of mic. At times the sound of her lullaby-Esque piano playing is the only thing that bounces off the walls. 

Photo of Coeur de Pirate
Photo credit: Maxymegdelisle

As the night comes to an end she apologizes that she’s coming to the dernière chanson only to joke that she’ll hide behind the curtain for a few seconds and return to the stage. 

After a standing ovation and a few more songs, she ends her concert with the true dernière chanson, Comme des enfants, from her 2008 self-titled album. She asks the audience to sing along if they know the lyrics. As she reaches the chorus the only sound in the room is the crowd singing back to her.

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